Triethyl methanetricarboxylate


  1. Properties: relative density: 1.1(20℃); boiling point 253℃,melting point 29℃; solubility: insoluble in water; soluble in alcohol and ether
  2. Molecular formula:C10H16O6; relative molecular mass: 232.23
  3. CAS No.:6279-86-3
  4. Uses:for manufacturing of vitamin
  5. Quality index:main content≧90.0%
  6. Packaging:should be packed with clean plastic drum with excellent sealing performance; 200Kg/drum
  7. Storage:handle with care; avoid of damp, pollution; should be preserved in cool and dry warehouse
  8. Safety: This product is low toxicity. Dry powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher during a fire.
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