Phosphorous acid


This product - distillation residue (the main component of phosphorous acid, etc.), soluble in water and alcohol.
1. Properties: pale brown or dark brown liquid
2. Molecular formula: H3PO3   relative molecular mass: 82.00
3. CAS No.: 13598-36-2
4. Uses: in manufacturing of phosphorous acid
5. Quality index: Q/320223BWZ 006-2015
6. Packaging:Dry plastic drum, each batch of test methods and performance packaging materials shall comply with the relevant provisions.
7. Storage: During transport to gently, should be moisture, rain, sun, and non-alkaline, flammables, oxidants total cargo transport, storage process should be moisture, rain, sun, and not with the basic, easy combustibles, oxidants mixed storage of goods.
8. Safety:This product is corrosive. Thermal decomposition of highly toxic phosphorus oxide fumes. Hazardous combustion products: phosphine oxide, phosphorus, fire fighting methods: water mist cooling containers to keep the fire. Fire with plenty of water.
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