Hydrochloric acid
1. Properties:Colorless or slightly yellow fuming liquid with a pungent sour. Aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride in the air, smoke, irritating odor, strong corrosive, human organs and mucous membrane damage effect. It can chemically react with many metals dissolve in making it, with a metal oxide, alkali salts and most chemical reaction.
2. Chemical formula: HCl
3. CAS No.: 7647-01-0
4. Uses:
        (1)In textile industry: as decomposition accelerator in bleaching of fabric
        (2)In steel electroplating industry: as aggressive agent of metal and surface cleaning agent
        (3)Other: in organic manufacturing, inorganic oxide, pharmaceutical, dyes, paper-making, leather

5. Quality index: 





colorless or light yellow clear liquid

hydrogen chloride



6. Packaging: in acid-resistant tank car or other container; or on request
7. Storage:Use acid-resistant plastic-lined steel tank or acid tanker shipping, transport vehicles should be equipped with spill response equipment during transportation, transit should be anti-exposure, rain, high temperature. Press hazardous chemical storage and transportation requirements.

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